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Course description

These notes are provided for tutors who wish to/need to offer a structured course that involves the awarding of marks or points. ]

The course is based on the critical viewing of selected British films (at least 5).

All selected British films are centred around a certain type of cultural clash (ethnic, generation, social, economic, family etc).

Working on a film involves the following stages: a/ pre-viewing - Internet-search of film-related information, b/ while-viewing - focused observation of culture-related issues (including language), c/ post-viewing - writing a structured film-review to after taking part in the discussion on line.

A structured film review is expected to include: a/brief information about the film background, director and cast, b/ summary of the film content, c/ the source of conflict, suspense, and/or dynamism in the film, d/social issues raised in the film, e/elements of entertainment in the film, f/reflections on the on-line discussion of this film, g/conclusive individual viewpoint on the film.

Each film earns you 4 credits towards the 20 credits for the whole course (accreditation system may vary from University to University). The course does not issue certificates to non-University students but they are welcome to join in.