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How to join the course

In order to join this film-viewing course you need to:

Have access to the Internet and film-viewing facilities (VCR or DVD).

View any five of the films selected for this course - (My Beautiful Laundrette, The Buddha of Suburbia, Bend it Like Beckham, Little Voice, The Full Monty, Calendar Girls, Dirty Pretty Things, Bhaji on the Beach, Twin Town, My Name is Joe, The Commitments).

Sign up to the film-viewing discussion group consisting of students and tutors. by sending am e-mail to (The list is not moderated and access is free).

University students will do this course under the supervision of their tutor

Independent students can also follow the course on their own and take an active part in the film discussion on the film-viewing mailing list. Independent students will have to purchase the needed films before taking the course. If you can persuade a few friends to take part and share the cost of the DVDs that will make things cheaper for you.

University tutors can join this project by subscribing to (the list is moderated and potential tutors might need to provide more details about their teaching situation and professional intentions)



You can contact course co-ordinator here